DPF Sofa Talk: A German Perspective of Life in Pakistan

09th July 2021

Join us for our first Sofa Talk: A German Perspective of Life in Pakistan

Date: 9th July 2021

Time: 6pm CEST

Where: Zoom

Strong diplomatic relations begin with strong personal relationships. People in key positions (governmental, non-governmental, businessmen, etc.) form personal bonds with their counterparts from other nationalities and backgrounds, creating an inherent positive impact on the dynamics between the given countries. 

While this holds true, we also strongly believe that any positive interaction between people hailing from different backgrounds or nationalities — regardless of race, religion, values or perspectives, can make a big difference. The Urdu saying goes, “Qatray qatray se darya banta hai” (with every drop, a river is formed), and with every such interaction, the bonds between the countries are further strengthened. 

The German Pakistan Forum strives to facilitate such relationships across the board — whether it’s strong diplomatic and cultural relations, or every-day, low-key  interactions between people. To serve this purpose alongside our other regular events, we’re proud to introduce a new format we jokingly coined: “Sofa Talk”.

Our Sofa Talks create a comfortable space for those who hold both Pakistan and Germany close to their hearts, share heartwarming memories and experiences, and are committed to maintaining a strong bond between the two countries. We’ll be calling on guests to share such stories and experiences by entering an informal dialogue with our guests and participants as well. 

We’re confident that there are great stories out there which we hope to unbottle and promote with this format.

On this occasion we would like to shed light on stories and experiences of individuals from Germany who have lived or studied in Pakistan. 

As guests we are happy to have:

  • Britta Petersen (former head of Heinrich Böll Stiftung in Islamabad)
  • Stefan Winkler (former head of Goethe-Institut in Karachi)
  • Philipp Heuermann (former student at Lahore University of Management Sciences)

Meeting facilitators: Faraz H. Dahar and Elisabeth B. Lippert

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