Condolence message

Condolence message on the sad demise of Hermann Schanzmann from Honorary Consul Dr. Pantelis Christian Poetis, President G. A. T. E. to Pakistan

Today I have the sad duty to inform you of the death of my dear friend Hermann Schanzmann, a tireless supporter of Pakistan and a man I am proud to call my friend.

Hermann was significantly influenced by his second home – the country of Pakistan. Here he spent more than 18 years of his life being responsible for the development of the Telephone Industries of Pakistan. As a factory manager and heart and soul of the company, he always had an open ear for the needs of his staff and supported his employees and their children for years to come by – for example – paying for their education costs.

As Managing Director for Siemens in Karachi from 1984 to 1991, he cultivated close contacts with politicians, and the former President of Pakistan, Zia-Ul-Haq, visited the Siemens Factory in Karachi several times. He became a long lasting supporter of the famous German physician Dr. Ruth Pfau, who managed to bring leprosy under control in Pakistan. Hermann also committed himself to the archaeological excavation and research of Prof. Michael Jansen in Moenjedaro, travelled to almost every village in the Himalayas and enjoyed his extensive hiking tours through the Karakorum. The stories of my dear friend Hermann about Pakistan influenced me deeply. I even retraced his adventurous journey from Munich to Islamabad by car – an old VW Beetle – in detail. 

Returning to Germany from Pakistan, Hermann was actively involved in the German-Pakistani Forum and played a key role in promoting intercultural exchange between the two countries. In 2014, Hermann became chairman of the German Association Trade and Economy (G.A.T.E.) to Pakistan and until his very last day Hermann worked tirelessly for understanding, exchange and economic cooperation between both countries.

On 18 November 2019, Hermann Schanzmann died at the age of 92.

Dear Hermann, my friend, I am so very thankful for the endless support and guidance over all these years and words are failing to describe what your loss means to us. 

May you rest in peace. خدا اس کی روح کو سکون دے

We miss you my friend.
Yours Pantelis

Honorary Consul Dr. Pantelis Christian Poetis
President G. A. T. E. to Pakistan